Straighten twisted fishing line

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Twisted fishing line

Twisted fishing line

A very common problem when fishing is for your main line to become twisted. Fixed spool reels in particular cause twisted fishing line by the way they load line onto the spool. With yet more twist added when the clutch slips. Which all means the more fish caught, the more the line twists.

The result of twisted line is for the line to curl up into loops or end up in knots. If line falls off the spool unexpectedly then your line could be twisted. Twisted line can also get wrapped around the rod tip or tangled in the reel.

Line wrapped around the rod tip

There are a number of methods to untwist fishing line involving PVA and pebbles, or leads that spin to untwist the line. But I like to use a simple method that works and only takes a couple of minutes.

Untwist your line

With the rod setup and the main line threaded through the rings, but with nothing on the line. Put the rod down somewhere safe and open the reels bail arm. Walk away holding the line and pull off thirty or forty yards.

Come back to the rod and wind in the line holding the rod upright. Any twists in the line will simply come out as you wind in.

Untwist fishing line

That’s it, a simple no nonsense way to untwist your line.

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