Float fishing for Carp

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Float fishing for Carp

But is it the best way ?

I can understand the desire to catch Carp with a float, but I have never had a memorable day Carp fishing using one. I have recently spent several trips trying to work out why, and I have come to a number of conclusions.

Firstly, it is defiantly possible to catch Carp with a float. Using fine line will fool more Carp and result in more bites, but the problem is then, controlling and landing the fish. Lighter lines work, but only when there is room to let the fish run and play the fish out.

Fishing with float tackle heavy enough to control even a small Carp, means using stronger line which the Carp are more likely to detect and avoid. A compromise is to use line that is strong enough to stand some chance of landing a fish, but is fine enough to at least hook the more stupid Carp in the lake.

Waggler setup

A standard Waggler setup is all that’s required using 4 to 6lb line. Ground bait the swim with the same bait as you are using on the hook, pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat or whatever. Cast into the middle of your feed and wait.

Carp float fishing rig diagram

You are likely to get a lot of line bites as the fish feed, so only strike when you are sure a fish has taken the bait. Line bites can be a real problem, not only because it can be hard to tell when to strike, but also there is a higher risk of foul hooking.


In my opinion, float fishing with rod and line for Carp is enjoyable, but not the best way to catch them. I get better results and fewer foul hooked fish by ledgering. The omnipresent Method feeder is far more efficient at catching Carp than a Waggler. So these days if I want a net full of Carp, I ledger.

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