Albright knot join braided line to nylon line

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Albright knot

The Albright knot is used for joining different types fishing line together. A strong knot commonly used to join braided line to monofilament or fluorocarbon lines.

Tying the Albright knot

  • Albright knot for joining nylon lines to braided lines
  • Fold over and make a loop in the nylon line
  • Pass the end of the braid through the loop
  • Wrap the braid 8 to 10 times around and up the nylon
  • Then wrap 4 or 5 turns back down over the earlier whippings
  • Thread the tag end through the loop
  • The tag end should enter the loop on the same side as the main line
  • Moisten with saliva and slowly tighten the knot down
  • Trim off the tag ends

Albright knot

The Albright knot is a strong, reliable knot for joining different types of line together. Use the Albright knot for joining braid to fluorocarbon or braid to monofilament line.

Fluorocarbon to braided line

Common uses in fishing

Loading braided line onto a reel. Braided lines will slip on a smooth spool without a backing. Use an Arbor knot to attach monofilament line to the spool and wind on a layer as backing. Tie the braid to the mono backing with an Albright knot.

Combi rig and Multi rig. In Carp fishing, the Albright knot is used to tie the different materials in the hook length of both the Combi rig and Multi rigs. Both rigs can use a pop-up bait, counter balanced with rig putty moulded around the joining knot.

Combi rig Albright knot

In fly fishing the Albright is used to attach the leader material to a special fly line backing. Some anglers will cut off the ready made loop in fly line, preferring to use the Albright.

The Albright can also join lines of different types or diameters, even nylon to wire.

Arbor knot to tie line to a reel spool

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